Tuesday, May 19, 2015

on the wind

Sometimes I write something several times and choose my favourite line:

White butterflies, fluttering like bits of paper in the wind.

Small white butterflies like bits of paper tossed by the hand of the wind.

Little white butterflies dancing over my garden like paper on the wind.

infused with hope

”What should we throw out today?” I ask my husband happily.
We've been striking a blow for serenity.
We've been simplifying our foyer.
Now those two statements might not seem remotely linked but they truly are.
Our entry way (foyer) has been making a very bad first impression on visitors to our home for an entire decade.
It has been dark and dingy and dusty. 
Dust always settles where indecision or apathy reign. 
This time it was likely a bit of both. First, indecision which left unchallenged gave way to apathy.
All that changed this spring when I made a decision. The wall paper had to go.
In fact, I made the decision in the very split second that I reached out and twitched a strip of paper off the wall. And then another.
Every time I descended the stairs for the next week or two, (or three) I twitched off another piece and then another.

I am married to a man who can catch a ball, even one thrown a bit on the wide side by me, and run with it. 
And make a spectacular touch down.

I should have taken 'before' pictures.
I'll take 'after' pictures though.

My husband has accrued so many brownie points that he could bank them for years to come.
He is a very hard working and particular man and I treasure his hard work for what it truly is, a large and lavish bouquet.

Our entry feels so different now.
So open and infused with hope.

makes me wonder

"Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"

Isn't that the oddest thing you ever read? I found it amongst old blog post drafts and have no idea why I wrote it or where I planned to go with it.
Sometimes I jot down a sentence or a few words although it's usually on a scrap of paper that wafts off, never to be seen again by mortal eye, or at least for a year or two. When I do happen upon it again I am not only delighted, but transported back to that very moment. It's a sort of form of time travel. Safer though.
But this time, that little piece of my mind is shrouded in mystery. Makes me feel like adding to it. Makes me wonder who I was quoting. Is it an animal? A plant? What do you think?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Two leather bracelets.

Two dollars

Two bracelets + a Twoonie=Thrift Shop Math

trio of joy

Powder blue, dreamy and creamy. Exactly the same color as Grindley Petalware and you know that has to be a good thing.

I'm pretty sure, well certain actually, that this isn't vintage enamel ware but it is a marvelous big jug that I'll use for flowers and pussy willows and winter branches. Perhaps the bowl will go camping and live on as a dish pan.

I found this truly vintage, enamel ware jug years ago. I love the lines.

Then, a few years ago, I gasped and pounced on this jug at a thrift store. Good grief, it's green. Lovely, lovely Petalware green.

This blue jug is clearly a close relative. They were destined to be happily reunited. I do what I can.

Isn't this a trio of joy?

did I tell you

I chose yellow because she loves sunshine and because there are two yellow picture frames in her dining room. I chose text fabric because she reads everything, even cereal boxes.

I wanted something graphically straightforward and you can't get any more straightforward than a square and a triangle.

I love seeing the parts of a quilt accumulate. They seem to embody limitless possibility.

My mom has never seen text print fabric and was repeatedly concerned that 'someone was sewing with pieces of newspaper.' Just didn't seem sensible to her at all.

Is it just me or can you see a diamond back snake if you squint. Sure hope it's just me.

The backing fabric became kind of a big deal. The backing and the top need to see eye to eye. They need to be on speaking terms. Well, really more than that don't you think? They need to be friends. Speed dating was involved but at last......a perfect marriage. The backing I chose at length is hoarded fabric from Ikea. I bought enough several years ago to back a quilt for a grandchild. For several grandchildren. And likely for a couple floor length curtains but it was still hoarded fabric. Abundance and hoarding are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

As always, I followed Lynne Fanthorpe's quilting advice, "If you can't see it, why do it."

I think I'm in love with the back of this runner. Oh those birds!

I bound the runner in the same backing fabric to bring the 'light' out to the edges.

I was going for wood grain in my quilting but I think it has more of a Hell's Angels flame vibe.

Did I tell you I love birds?

Did I mention it is a veeeery long runner?

Well, then, there is nothing more to add.

Monday, April 27, 2015

all boy

All flannel, all boy, all finished. 

There are some pretty fun fabrics in this baby quilt; engineer stripe, polka dot, plaid, and even a piece of fabric left over from the days when my mother sewed flannel shirts for my dad.